A single web app that holds all your product marketing information, images and content!

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Manage complex attributes

Management of product tables using column titles and attributes are mostly automatic

Output to websites

Restful API means multi-language sites can be constantly updated from a single version of the truth.

Output to Adobe InDesign

An amazingly powerful, integrated publishing tool allows cloud based page building with local page generation; alone in its class

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Accessible from a browser, secure and simple to use. Product marketing projects that were too hard to do like multi-language with regional variation become possible.

Product Information Mangement (PIM)

So you already have a database of products and you can do wonders with some spreadsheets. But sharing that crucial content between departments, overseas offices, agencies and still keeping it up to date on websites and catalogs is so hard. Geni-Sys does that and much more. Directly connects with your websites and with DTP documents at your own offices or with your designer or printer, globally.

“Lockside guys have changed our publishing workflow completely – now we do it in half the time with a smaller team and no creative restrictions!” @Robinsons Equestrian